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Rapidwerks Inc. serves a wide range of markets and industries; Medical Equipment and Device manufacturers, Automotive and Accessories and Semiconductor Products.

Our special value-added services allow us to provide a competitive edge for all industries requiring close-tolerance plastic parts.

Micromolded Parts Need Micromold Machines

It is a fallacy that conventional injection molding machines can mold microparts. Medical device manufacturers should use micromolding machines. (Click here to read more...)

Precision Micromolding by Rapidwerks
••  Micromolded parts less than 1Gram (Precise Controlled Shot Volumes)
••  In process Optical Inspection "Improving part quality" (without increasing part cost!)
••  Custom Packaging into: Trays and even Blister Packs (Optional)
••  Class 10K Clean Room Micro Molding "Great for Medical Device Manufacturers"
••  Inline Automation: Custom and adaptable to almost every application saving time and Money
••  Bio-obsorbable material / Implantable's no problem!
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